High quality Gymbags from Italian leather out Swiss Manufacture combined with English waxed cotton.

Waxed cotton is the first and original performance material for the first time over 200 years ago as a canvas offered protection from wind and weather sailors. Today is waxed cotton much more than a protection from wind and weather: A symbol for a nature-fashion style, which is indigenous to the country and in the cities of the world.

A high quality gym bag made from the finest materials. Water-repellent and developed by us, design-protected Aufziehlaschen, Made by Dusagg. Through his use developed a Dusagg its own and distinctive patina, so to speak, its own character. Dusagg Gymbags are produced in small quantities fairly by us. Honest Quality is important to us and what we stand for a.

For the care and impregnation of waxed cotton, we recommend "Otter Wax". A natural product of bees and Soyawachs.